HELP THE FOOD CRISIS gofundme link

The purpose of the page is to help bring awareness to the issue facing farmers as well as the increased need to support those that cannot support themselves due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.  Please watch the video vlog, and clink the go fund me link to support this much needed mission.


We have the technology already available to help all of the farm products reach those in need.  They may need to come together to tweak, partner, and borrow bits of technology from each other or simply combine to make a uniform, easy way to, track the supply and delivery.  


The links below are a few of the best I have found at integrating ways to help share food with those in need.  Please visit their sits and sign up!  Let them know that we are behind them and supporting the efforts.  

Other solutions ideas that can be shared and passed along are using the available U-haul trucks and volunteers to help with the transportation issues.  It would be even better in conjunction with the Uber app to coordinate pick-ups from farms and deliveries to food banks.  

Contacting your Senators and Representatives in  Congress , about a bill that has been sitting in comity since the 115th congress in 2018 called the Farm to Food Bank Act of 2018.  It needs to be amended to supply additional funds for farmers to pay the workers to harvest as well as raise all donation restrictions  


Share this cause with all celebrities via any platform you can and use hashtags. #farmtofoodbank get the word out about the crisis.  It will take some serious push from all of us to get the changes in place in time.  The time is NOW!  


This not only helps the people that need the food now, but keeps the infrastructure of our agricultural system in place for the time we are all looking forward to the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Without action now, there will be a cascade effect on the entire food supply chain.  


The technology already exist, the manpower to make it happen is available.  It may take a bit of work to get the Congress and the Companies to cooperate so that we as the society can utilize all available means, but the alternative is not acceptable to even think about.  It must be done, for the hungry now and to insure that we are not all hungry later.  Essential work is just that, the efforts that allow for our existence.  Doctors, Nurses, Farmers, and those that can make sure the supply chain stays intact, US!

Demand that action be taken now to support farmers and farm workers, loosen restrictions on food bank donations.

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