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What was I before I became a model?  What else have I been doing?  What makes me tick?  Allow me to answer these questions in brief.

    I am from a town in what is known as the South Plains of Texas.  Our big claims to fame in the area are, Buddy Holly (from Lubbock, TX), and Waylon Jennings (from Littlefield, TX).  We also have oil, cattle, cotton, route 66, and sand storms.  There is not much else there to speak of and in keeping with that theme, my home town had a total of 216 people in it.  I graduated with a class of 12 in my high school.  So it is safe to say that I am from small town USA.  I was never a good student but I did have good grades. I have a very curious mind and love to learn, I just did not always care for what they were teaching.

    We were a farming family.  We raised cotton, sheep and boarder collies, mostly.  I could drive a tractor at 8 years old. (Not at all uncommon).   My first car was a 1990 white 5.0 mustang.  

    So now you are wondering how I got into a business like fashion from a place like this.  The answer is showing sheep.  I was spotted out in the ring and the first idea that there was a business called modeling crept into my head.  I had no interest in it at first.  I was going to play football and get my law degree so that I could eventually make my way into politics.  I did not like the way the world was being run and I wanted to do something about it!  Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you want to look at it, life got in the way of these plans.  The new plan was try the modeling and even if it went well to quite after two years.  You know what they say about how to make God laugh right?  Make a plan.  

I could not be happier or more thankful to those who helped me and pushed me to start my career, as well as, all of those that have helped through the years.  I have received an education that you cannot get in any classroom, having been fortunate enough to experience 89 countries and counting!   Though always primarily based in New York, I have lived in Sydney, London, Milan, Barcelona, Paris and Munich.  All, from that small town, in the middle of nowhere Texas.  

 I have always been an avid reader and was more often found in a library than out with friends.  Maybe it was that world-opening medium of books that has fueled my joy of travel and of experiencing new things all these years.  I have also always enjoyed making up my own stories and writing them down.   I wrote my first book, for fun, when I was 14.  I still know the whole story but sadly that hand written manuscript is lost to time.  I continue to write as I have done throughout my life and career.  Mostly it is done for myself.  A way to put things in perspective through story telling.  The world has not been changed through my writing yet, but I am not yet done with the world, or with writing.  If life has taught me anything so far, it is that anything is possible.

    I have also owned a bicycle store in Lubbock TX, for a few years.  I am an avid cyclist.  Road cycling has been such a large part of remaining sane in my life. It is my way of tuning out, breathing and refreshing my being.   (Doesn't hurt the physical fitness either!) 

    So now what?  Well, in 2012 someone very dear to me was diagnosed with MS.  I have been researching the disease since and watching as they struggle with it.  I do what I can for, the National MS Society,  charity that helps bring more awareness, research and money to a disease that afflicts so many and effects many more.  They are inching closer to a cure and we can help them push over the line in any way I can.  

   The second cause that I feel passionate about is men's mental health.  I have had the pleasure of knowing many strong men in my life.  I have watched far too many succumb to the pressure, to be, "strong" men.  Asking for help and receiving that help should be equally accepted for everyone without stigma attached. My favorite organization for this is, the face it foundation  

     These two charities receive all of the proceeds of DVS Ts my first foray into the creation of a Sustainable Fashion collaborative I call DVS Fashion.  

   The third cause I give my energy and time to is a circular economy.  Championed by the Ellen Macaurthor foundation.  Finding a holistic way to permanently solve the human destruction of our planet.  

    Sorry, if this was not brief enough.  I do implore you to click on the causes links and do what you can, if you can, to help. 

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