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The Brunello Cucinelli brand takes its name from its founder. Starting out in 1978 in the small town of Solomeo in the Umbria hills where it is still headquartered in a 14th-century castle and is the home region of his soon to be wife at the time of the companies founding. Brunello Cucinelli credits his upbringing and the unjustified way, he was, and saw others treated along with his life in a farming family that taught him the values of defending life. Respecting and helping others with a spiritual attitude towards nature, are the lessons he carried over to the brand and his philosophy of, Humanistic Capitalism"

Brunello Cucinelli is among the few luxury fashion brands that are as well known for their beautiful cashmere knitwear as they are for their humanist enterprise. exemplified in the, Ten Rules of the brand.

I. We love and respect Mother Earth: we cultivate our land according to nature and we welcome its fruits as its greatest gift.

II. We do not use more resources than it is necessary or natural. We make careful use of the universe.

III. We always act as loyal and affectionate guardians of creation.

IV. We believe in the moral and economic dignity of human beings.

V. During work we support fair profitability and harmony between profit and giving back to the community.

VI. We seek harmony between fair work and human privacy.

VII. We commemorate our forefathers. They taught us to respect the law, and our story is written in their words.

VIII. We believe in universalism and we act displaying great respect for all civilisations.

IX. We welcome fair change in order to experience the best from our time.

X. We are fond of young people and pass down to them hope and the dream of a bright future awaiting them.

The Brunello Cucinelli brand puts its money where its ethics are as the company donates 20% of profits to its charitable foundation, and pays workers wages that are 20% higher than the industry average. The company's 1,300 employees (of whom 800 work in Solomeo) do not punch a time clock; after-hours e-mails are not allowed. It has been a publicly traded company since 2012, and ass of June 2017, the company had a market capitalization of over €1.6 billion. Proving that, luxury, ethics, sustainability efforts and humane treatment of all involved can be a richly rewarding combination.

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