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Established in 1975, the GIORGIO ARMANI collection is one that best expresses the eternal underlying values traditionally associated with the brand: the high quality of materials, the purity of lines and timeless elegance, excellence in production, extreme care and attention to detail. The Women’s collection offers apparel and accessories that seek to satisfy the needs of contemporary women no matter what the occasion, while the Giorgio Armani Men’s line strives to continuously redefine the classic style, with new materials, cuts and workmanship, complemented by the “Made to Measure” custom sartorial service which perfectly adapts each garment item to the client’s needs and requests.

The sustainability of the GIORGIO ARMANI lines comes into play in various ways. It is a holistic approach to the problem. Please, click the logo to read through all that the brand and the man are doing to remake fashion into a seamless part of the regenerative economy.

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