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I know you’ve scrolled through the landscape of beautiful sporty men, all those profiles that catch the eye and get the follow, profiles in beige vintage colors with penetrating eyes, tensed biceps and the six pack abs. They look perfect, maybe a bit too perfect. You begin to notice that they are all kind of the same. They have photos worth slowing down for a second of, “he’s hot”, before continuing to scroll. They are male models as the cliché tells us they should be. We’ve all been there, done that, it gets old. You find yourself wanting more. What you are looking for is eye candy with the potential of real inspiration, some authenticity and something deeper than the exposed skin, (though we don’t mind the exposed skin!). There are a few guys out there that are what you are looking for, guys that define cool, by being themselves, guys with their own style and stand out in support of the greater good. Unfortunately, there are only a few that are the whole package and that you might not know yet. Lucky for you that I did the research for you and here are four profiles that surprise and inspire while making you melt.

If you have ever googled 'beautiful men' , you will have for sure stumbled upon the angel like striking face of Texas native Donny Lewis. With a face as perfect as one cut out of marble he’s been an industry staple of top brands for over two decades working for he likes of, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino,Yohji Yamamoto, Bulgari, Roberto Cavalli, Hugo Boss, Kenneth Cole,Rene Lezard, Giorgio Armani, Mac cosmetics, H&M and and and… He also seems to hold the unofficial record of most perfume ads in the industry ( no wander with that face!). Yet he only recently chose to step into the spotlight of the social media world by making a real effort to share his insights and make a change. Personal, authentic and classy is what you’re going to find in Donny’s virtual world. Topics range from sustainability in fashion, to philosophy ( yes, philosophy), arts and music as well as mental health and poetry, (yes, poetry). A weekly theme, chosen by world circumstances or personal experiences, is followed in a 6 posts series. He discusses the theme visually and in writing in detail and often from unusual perspectives. This format reads like a weekly magazine, just on instagram. So what is it exactly you’re going to be following here? Not a typical male model account! Though he does have lots of swoon worth images, and I am sure it is used for PR reasons, what it really feels like though, is getting to know a very well rounded guy that actually has something valuable to share with this social media world. He does it all while being incredibly handsome, stylish, eloquent and wise ( yes, wise!) . I have a feeling he’s only just started and we're going to be hearing much more from this modern Model-Philosopher in the future!

SAM NESSMANN Simon Nessmann is the first of these rare gems in the world of male models. He has it all: looks, brains, values, money …and a strategy to make the world a better place. The native born 31 year old Canadian has been in the elite of the elite in the men’s fashion model industry for a few years now due to contracts with some of the biggest fashion designers. Doing advertising for Versace, D&G, Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent, Barneys, Gap and John Galliano for example. Yet despite all his success he has stayed ahumble and down to earth guy that spends 300 days out of a year at Cedar Coast Field Station, an ecological research center. He founded Cedar Coast on an Island off the west coast of Canada. It has no electricity, a big garden, wild animals and the rough Canadian sea, quite a contrast to the glamorous model life that he lives during those other days. But its exactly that diversity that makes this guy so interesting and inspiring. His instagram is a vanity free place, a closer look onto an authentic guy that lives an adventurous life, while trying to give back. Its definitely worth it to join his ride….and get inspired to be a little bit like this gorgeous boy wonder. BRODERICK HUNTER Next on our list is handsome Broderick Hunter . The California native is the son of a Nigerian mother and a Detroit-born father and has been blowing up fashion runways, social media, Hollywood and women’s dreams for years. He’s also been featured in People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” issue, Harpars Bazzar’s “Top 25 people to follow” and GQ’s “Most Stylish Men” But this beautiful hunk is so much more than just eye candy. He is for example, a public speaker. Putting himself out there concerning the importance of representing the black race in all its forms, “As a black culture we have so many different storylines. We are an educated and classy people who have so much more to offer than what the media portrays”. He says in his deep soothing voice. To that end, he has been teaching free seminars in L.A to anyone interested in receiving guidance in the entertainment industry. “I want to see more of us win!” Although he is from California, his cultural heritage is Nigerian. He has spent time in Nigeria to get involved in charity work. Now, he is partnering with several agencies to take fashion to the country. When it comes to social media he is very selective about what he reveals on it. He shares just enough to keep his fans interested in him, but not so much that social media becomes invasive to his personal life. Therefore the content is very thought-out and curated with lots of motivational wisdom. His newest gig, is the 'Free to joy' foundation that he founded its am is to help create Mental Health programs for new generations. This man is full of surprises and promises and we're rooting for him to reach his goals and make the world a better place! JARROD SCOTT Another special guy on our list is super hot Jarrod Scott. At 31, he has already been the face of Givenchy, worked with Tom Ford, Armani and Jean Paul Gaultier, he’s been on the cover of Vogue Hommes International and partnered with the new eco friendly version of Ferrari. Aside from that, he is also a very open and generous guy when it comes to showing his amazing physique ( thank you for that! ). Though what makes him different from other “hot guy” accounts on IG is that he is a man on a mission and on his terms . He spreads awareness about climate change via an ambassadorial role with Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef and tries to live his life according to his words. He’s put his sustainable heart on his sleeve to spread the word about climate change, saying no to plastic, choosing fashion brands with an eco-awareness. He does his part by composting as well as gardening both for pleasure and for nature. He dresses in linen primarily, in a simple chic way. He works out every day for mental and physical strength, sharing some of his program for those interested. (He runs 50 km per week!!). His next goal is to take over Hollywood and we have a feeling this is inevitable. Check out this super cool, stylish and authentic guy on IG, its definitely worth following along! Issue 100April 17, 2021 Matt Reeves HUF Magazine issue 100 out now. we have a beautiful spring image photographed by Caroline Miller. Makeup by Katelyn Simkins. Hair by Matthew Morris. Retouched by One Retouching featuring model Claire Sweeney from Wilhelmina Denver.

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