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IRK Magazine

Donny Lewis, born in Lubbock Tx, is a model, writer, actor and circular fashion activist. He studied history and political science at West Texas A&M before beginning his modeling career and moving to New York City. Soon after he became the face of Guess Jeans. Since that time he has continued his education visiting 89 countries and becoming the face of numerous other fashion brands such as, Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Stefano Ricci, Cesare Paciotti, Moschino, Roberto Cavali, Levi’s, Luchesse, and Davidoff, just to name a few. Along with his work as the face of fragrance and cosmetic brands such as Mac Cosmetics, Bulgari, Kenneth Cole, Salvatore Ferragamo, Yoji Yamamoto and many others. This front line, “industry insider”, standing has placed him in a unique position to be the liaison between the traditional fashion world and the sustainable fashion world. Leading him to be dubbed, “The Male Face of Sustainable Fashion”. He has felt this responsibility to raise awareness and guide the fashion industry helping brands to create a regenerative circular world, to push for sustainability stemming from the years devoted to the fashion business. It is to that end he founded DVS Fashion which focuses on partnerships with sustainable fashion brands and initiatives. The first partnership giving us DVS Ts, complete end to end, transparent, circular, streetwear with proceeds to benefit The National MS Society as well as The face it Foundation. Donny’s writing career began even before his modeling having written his first novel, at the age of 14. He then used the fashion industry to travel and gain experience much as Hemingway used wars. Donny has continued to write what he knows in the form of a subsequent novel, numerous short stories, and poems as well as articles for various publications. He has also created and written a streaming platform series, “Oasis Bound”, set in Dubai with the central focus being uniting the cultures of the world under the idea that people are people a lesson he learned in his travels. It also stands as the first NFT tv-series minted on

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