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LUCCHESE launched the Lucchese Collection, in 2014 a luxurious comprehensive fashion footwear line for men and women which includes stilettos, dress shoes, chukkas, and high heeled sandals and boots. Handmade by Lucchese artisans in both El Paso and Tuscany, the Collection revisits our Italian roots with a Texan twist. The iconic boot company that we know and love today got its start in 1883 with Salvatore and Joseph Lucchese setting up a bookmaking shop for the United States Cavalry School in San Antonio, Texas. Since then the company has moved in to Polo, and has covered the feet of United States Presidents as well as actors of the stage, movie stars, and countless musicians of all walks of life. The Dallas Cowboys NFL team has a custom set of Lucchese boots first started in 1961, and is the official boot of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

These classic and iconic boots have even been gifts from U.S. Presidents like Ronald Reagan to other leaders of the world like King Hassan II of Morocco. Prince Harry of Wales lead the Lucchese Polo team in 2008.

They still pride themselves on the handmade quality that is eponymous with the label, including in the humanly sourced materials throughout the lines of the brand. From humble beginnings to the world famous luxury goods brand it is today, Lucchese is a trueTexas legend.


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