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"Nationality: United States

Born in a small town in Texas, population of 216 and graduating high school with a class of twelve is not typically what one thinks of when you think of a fashion model that has, so far, had a decades long career at the top level of the industry. His first trip to New York was in the winter of 1995 during the Christmas break from University. The summer of 1996 Modeling became his full time profession. His first Guess campaign along side Laetitia Casta shot in Miami in the fall of 1997. 1998 brought another Guess Jeans ad this time alongside Josie Maran. 1999 saw another Jeans add this time for Levi’s. While some careers are built in a season and gone in a year. Donny, exemplifies what longevity in the fashion world means. The ability to reinvent himself to remain at the forefront of fashion. Beef cake farm boy, into ultra thin, short hair to long. His look continues to resonate, from those first ads for jeans, to the most recent super luxury brands and with all the shows, (Valentino, Etro, Georgio Armani, Emporio Armani, YSL, Missoni, Cerruti, Trusardi, Ferregamo, Moschino, Roberto Cavali, Dolce&Gabanna, DSquared, Zenga), the perfume, cosmetics, and accessories in-between. Working along side, supermodels, (Raquel Zimmerman, Petra Nemcova, Julia Stegner, Laetitia Casta, Josie Maran, Patricia Velazquez, Daisy Lowe, Arron Watson, Jessica Miller, Noot Sear), super star photographers, (Mert&Marcus, Mario Sorrenti, Greg Gorman, Aldo Fallai, Adam Fussel, Andreas Ortner, Tom Munro, Hiro, Francisco Scavullo, Greg Kadel, Nathaniel Goldberg, Daniel Jackson, Guy Aroch, Roberto Quagli, Azim Haidaryan, Cliff Watts, Oscar Faulk, Enrique Badulescu, David Bellmare, Camilla Akrans, Stefano Galuzzi, Sergi Pons), not to mention working alongside the best agents in the world. Its a long career with no end in site. "

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