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Helen and Adam awoke at almost noon in a hotel not far from her lab and office at the university. It was obviously not possible to stay in his house as neither of them had the energy to try to stop the party that was in full swing when they left their moon bathing retreat on the beach.

Helen reached for the phone and ordered up a brunch fit for royalty and Adam filled the built for 4 bathtub. Adam had opened a bottle of beer and offered one to Helen who refused, merely shaking her head. She then started through her yoga routine on the carpet with the sun shining in on her through the balcony doors. When the food arrived it was left to Adam to go and retrieve it, stepping out of the half full bath with his half full beer, wrapping a towel around his waist.

He pulled the cart into the room with one hand. Signed the bill and tossed a 100$ bill as a tip with the other. He then dragged the whole thing over to the edge of the giant bath. Dropping the towel he slid back in the rising water of the enormous bath wincing as he sipped his beer.

I can tell you that this is one time that I am sure it is a good thing not to be inside of someones head. I left Adam with his pain in his head and his pleasure showing on his face as he watched Helen complete her yoga routine before sitting cross legged on the floor still in the sun to meditate. It’s always such a pleasure for me to watch the thought of those attempting to meditate! Oh the thoughts that I have seen as people have worked so hard not to have any thoughts.

I once sat with a guru famous for his long meditation sessions without moving, he always starts, er, started the same way, (forgive me when I slip up with the timing of things, it is not something as you know that I generally concern myself with and I am doing purely for your benefit and clarity, thank you). He would sit and think about sex, then food, then try to focus on his breathing, then he would focus on his heart beat, before moving up to feel himself swallow, then he would think about how is skull connected to his spine before rolling his eyes back in his head and ending trying to envision himself from above himself. This was strange, I thought but it seemed to keep his mind focused for a while, then the parade started of all the things he would like to do, places to go, food to eat. He worked so hard to keep these random thoughts out of his mind to only notice himself from outside of himself. Imagine how funny I found this as The Observer of everything! It really only go worse from there normally ending with his mind focused only on the fact that he really needed to pee. I had been present at times when he had been giving out mantras to students, it was a marvel to me that all those mantras were so wise and melodic while his true personal mantra was, “I really need to pee, but it hasn’t been long enough”.

It does of course work for some people in different ways, over all it is as fascinating a practice as mortal things can be. Also, as most mortal things tend to be, it is humorous.

Slipping into Helen’s mind at that point in time, it was as comforting as Adam’s warm bath. When someone has been able to master meditation it is a marvelous thing to experience. It is not unlike drugs in many ways, but in many ways it is very different, especially the after effects. Her body after all of the activities and sweating from the night before was still tossing off the lingering drug effects. The yoga had helped to push it out of her as she breathed and contorted her body, wringing toxins out like dirty dish water from a sponge. Her mind it seems needed far less effort to return to a feeling of normalcy not that the meditative state is exactly normal but, well, its not abnormal either. Her mind felt so smooth, for lack of a better word. If I am like the river that cannot be stepped in twice at the same point, her mind is like that stone at the bottom of the river polished and smoothed to perfection. Not one thought of having to pee entered her consciousness even though her bladder was very full from all the water she had been drinking to flush herself clean. I am not sure if I actually sleep, but I must have dosed in Helens mind as I was jolted out of this peaceful haze by detailed list of “to-do’s” and the plan of attack that popped into her mind as she walked to the toilet.

I think it is easier when they speak to each other to simply repeat to you the conversation instead of giving it to you in my own words. I’ve never tried to communicate this way before so I am just winging it. hahaha Such a great expression.

Don’t worry I won’t make you listen to every single thing they say! We can still just skip to the important bits and I can of course just fill you in on the parts that might remain unclear without at least a little explanation. You know that I am just here looking for an explanation myself to the great question. Where is Jason?

He was so busy bringing Helen to this point, interacting with things that touched her life almost forcing her to this exact point just as she is now. So, why doesn’t he want to be around to see his handiwork? Where does he go when I cannot see him? Still so many delicious questions to feast upon. If only there were just a simple way for me to keep tabs on him instead of just waiting around those he obviously has some interest in the hopes of crossing his path. I like Helen in any case. The Jury is still out for me on Adam, how do you tell if you like someone when you cannot know everything that they have ever done or all the possibilities of all the things they might do? I’ve said it before and I will say it again. It is admirable the way you all just muddle along.

Okay, okay, back to the stars of our show.

Our dear Helen after having taken care of her necessity has made her way to the breakfast cart. She picks a health assortment of fruit, nuts, smoked salmon, half a bagel with sprouts and glass of green smoothie and the whole pot of green tea carefully setting them all within reach of where her position will be opposite Adam in the tub. Adam for his part has not yet touched the food and only managed half his beer wincing after each swallow as if it was some sort of foul medicine.

“You should just switch to coffee, that beer looks painful”, Helen tells her erstwhile lover across the tub as she sips her green smoothie.

“I know, but beer first or the headache will never go away. I have been dispatching hangovers forever”.

“Hmmm.” is her only reply to that thought before adding in a very matter of fact tone.

"We have to go to my lab. I need to take a few brain scan readings from you to confirm my suspicions.”

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