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Well, before we get to the end of all this, I think we need to discover a bit about this Helen, don’t you? Just like Sura, and Lily and the countless others, I was indeed inside of this mystical creature. Why mystical? Just a fancy I suppose, but as it is with her that we see our story now come to its conclusion, and I resume my usual place of everywhere, I think it fit. Shall we?

Let’s see what are some things I might tell you that can help you know her. Helen, was brilliant. That is the first and foremost thing she would want you to know about her. It was not the most apparent thing upon first meeting her, she was often viewed as being shy and aloof, stuck up even. Though she was none of those things merely smart enough to stay quiet when saying something seemed frivolous. She was also not frivolous!

I know the way you met her in Adam’s journal you might not think this but believe me it is not the case, and I should know!

Helen was also given the great curse of beauty. She was always looked at so critically since she always stood out in a crowd even though she tried not to. That is how it came to be that she was living with the group of ladies that she was when Adam found her. She felt that she could blend in with them and not attract so much unwanted attention. Staying quiet was not a problem with these other very excitable ladies always willing to be chattering away. Also, she is rather private normally. Not with her physical body but with the more important aspects of her life. She of course was not going to tell some strange man in Malibu, where she is really from and what she really does. Especially not one that behaves as odd as this one. I will tell you though. She was from Utah and was raised in an orphanage there. Her birth parents are unknown to her, and since I am unable to tell her, it seems rude of me to tell you. What I can tell you about them is that Jason was involved in their lives ever so slightly but enough to make her course set.

Jason had been a very busy boy!

Helen, was actually a postdoc at CalTech. The orphanage had her tested when she was seven due to her lack of interest in any school related activities. It was a nice place with caring people, one would have thought that such a lovely young girl would have been adopted but there was always some issue that would come up anytime anyone was interested. Do you have any guess why that might be? Suffice it to say, she was not going to be adopted, it was not something that seemed to bother her in the least. It was discovered during her testing that far from being, “a bit slow”, as the teachers had thought. Helen was off the charts, so instead of going to remedial learning center she was to be individually instructed by a priest. It truly is a miracle that a scientific minded priest was given this responsibility, not, it was just Jason again. She had surpassed her instructor in a few years and at 11 years of age she obtained her GED. Still being a minor and at the orphanage, she started online instruction with a scholarship from BYU collecting several degrees, computer science, physics, psychology, and history among them. She was emancipated at 16 and moved in to Cal Tech to work on her other degrees.

I suppose Helen was also cursed with her extreme intelligence, that came with it the curiosity that only those capable of understanding the complete problem possess. She was trying to solve for life. This brought her to trying to understand the beginning of life and of time.

I do wish I could have explained some of these things to her, it would have saved so much effort.

Once she had gained all the available knowledge of these subjects, she turned again to computers. She began working with the idea of super intelligent machines integrated with the power of quantum computing processing, the goal of course was to create life and in so doing be able to understand how life as she was able to understand it came into being. So clever! She was at a bit of a sticky point when she decided to go with her roommates to Malibu, she had been going with them quite often lately. The poor thing trapped in her curse of genius, was desperately trying to find a way out. She found many of the drugs that were available able to take her mind off of the problems and others that she believed helped her to see them from new angles. There is, of course, always this knife edge that genius and madness stand upon, too much of either makes one fall off into the incoherent abyss.

And so it is we find dear Helen, dancing along the rails between drugs and madness and genius. Pondering, to the typical person, the imponderable of the quantum essence moving through time bathing naked in the moon light with Adam waiting for him to answer her questions.

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