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Laughing Adam sat down beside Helen. She lit the joint taking her two puffs before passing it in the time honored tradition.

“You exactly as you are now? When did I see you? I guess just a couple days ago. I don’t know exactly. I was in Paris, so, however long it took me to get here.” Adam asked and answered around a lung full of smoke. “Yeah, you were naked then too.”

He took another long drag before passing back to Helen and exhaled this time before continuing to speak.

“I guess I was around six when I first started, slipping as you put it. I don’t remember it happening before then in any case. I actually don’t remember anything much before then come to think of it. That was around the time that my life got flipped upside down. I lost my parents and my “uncle” in a plane crash. Don’t feel too bad for me, you can stop looking at me like that! I was well taken care of living with my aunt that was paid handsomely by the company that my parents and “uncle” had created. It was a very successful company with many bio-tech inventions that were in contract with governments or patents sold to big business. It was when they were flying back from a huge meeting in Washington D.C. that the accident happened.

Anyway, I pretty much had the best of everything or should have. My aunt made me struggle and work to earn every little thing from the time I was nine until I turned eighteen. She always maintained that was on the advice of one of the psychologist. I was always required to see them for evaluation because of the breaks with reality I was having brought upon by the loss.”

Helen relit the joint took a drag and passed it to Adam before going for a quick refreshing dip in the ocean. When she returned and half dried herself she resumed her position and took the joint back from him, rolling her hand in a, ‘please continue i’m listing so get on with it’ sort of way.

Adam, smiled and leaned back so Helen could not help but notice the state her presence and attire had put him in before continuing after making sure that her eyes had focused where he intended. He closed his eyes then and moved on with the answers to her questions.

“So I think that answers your second and third questions and may seem like it answers your first question as well but, mine is a bit of a stranger tale than that.”

Adam opened one eye to check on his listener who had taken another puff of the joint and scooted a bit closer to him with her focus still intently where he wanted it.

If you are wondering what is going through Helen’s head at this time, allow me to discreetly fill you in on the goings on in there. She was of three minds at that moment, and unsure which one she was going to follow. There was the part of her that was incredibly, almost uncontrollably incomprehensibly attracted to this strange man Adam whom she barely knew. Then there was the part of her that was toying with the ramifications of the story she had heard from him so far in its relation to her work and finally that part of her that was on drugs and new it and trusted very little of what the other two parts of her were telling her in any case as she struggled to maintain focus on the information issuing from his mouth as well as the other point of focus protruding from his groin. Helen does have a very quick and busy mind normally but this sexual focus is unusual if not unprecedented.

It is so exciting! I just keep waiting for Jason to step in and do something. While we wait I suppose we should follow Helen’s lead, enjoy the breeze, the moon light, and attempt to pay attention to what Adam has to say. I feel like I’ve mentioned this before but it bares repeating I am not used to having to listen to what people say in order to know what they have said. I was not aware that I was not already in everyone until this strange venture with Jason started. Please don’t misunderstand, I am not complaining merely curious, and much as you must be, looking forward to see how this might play out.

Adam took a swig from the bottle to wet his throat before he continued eyes still closed leaning back on the beach in the moonlight.

“These “slips” I have are not small things. Sometimes I live out entire lifetimes before coming back into this body and this time. There seems to be a thread though that connects me to this energy of you. It is hard to explain but anytime I am in a life where you or the energy of you is there, I have to be with you. I feel compelled. It’s overwhelming. You are not part of every “slip” for me but the ones you are, it does not matter if I came into the life in ancient India or Australia or Italy or Paris, I see you. You are always naked the moment I first see you. You might look totally different but there is this sameness about you that is hard to explain. I know that I must find a way to be with you, that is something certain.”

Helen looked up to his face before moving closer and kissing him. I don’t think we need to go into any more detail about what happened next! Their intimate moment is of course important and was very necessary for them to connect fully, but we can skip the play by play for decencies sake, don’t you agree?

When the peaceful breathing returned to the moon bathing time, Adam and Helen were both staring out to see. It was Helen who broke the silence.

“Adam” she whispered. “What it is like when you are thinking to yourself? Not when you are talking to someone or doing something but in quiet moments like these. ”

“There really never are quiet moments like these for me.” He replied giving her a little kiss on the head that was laying so peacefully upon his chest.

“Can you describe it for me please. What it feels like to think. Not the slipping but the thinking part?” She quietly asked again.

“I guess. I’ve just been about as inside you as one can get, least I can do is try to let you inside my head a little bit.”

Helen raised up a bit to look at at him.

“Sorry, I say stupid shit when I a get uncomfortable. I don’t really know where to start to answer your question though. My living many lives and returning to this one or the slips as you call them cannot be taken out of the equation. Sometimes I don’t slip into another life but just sort of blend through time. Certain things are the same as in this time but other things have changed drastically. Like when I was in Paris not long after I saw you walking naked down the street, in what was a sort of slip, I was still me but everything else was different. Then I saw you again on the book cover this time fully as myself but it was still strange because there was a coffee that I had not ordered sitting on the bar. Then another little slip while I waited for my attorney to get back in touch with me, after I gave him the task of finding you from the information I got off that ladies book cover. He is a resourceful fellow and should be for the price. Anyway, I was getting into a cab and another slip happened, it was no longer a taxi of our time but one from the mid 1800’s I would guess.

These things happen often to me, both in this life as well as others that I’ve lived. I could write so many memoirs of the other lives that I’ve lived, I mean the ones that went more or less from point A to what it is like to say goodbye to your partner on your deathbed of point B. Hell, I could fill volumes just of the lives in which I lived and died in wars! Then there are the little slips that occur, usually, before or after a big event. Trouble is not knowing if it was before or after the big event until much later often by the time I am no longer even sure if any of it actually happened or if it was all in my head.”

“I have a theory that you cannot and never have been able to explain what your thinking process is like.” Helen told him as she stood grabbing some things and preparing to leave.

“My therapists have always said I was ‘Withholding’ in a very disappointed tone when they asked me that question about what my thinking process is like. Some even refused to continue working with me. Are you a psychiatrist now as well?”

“Just a physicist working on the nature of consciousness as it functions in correlation with dimensional transitioning. Come on Adam, we have to go, I think it’s about time.” she said, as if anyone residing outside of her mind could possibly understand what she was saying, before she added. “I am finally going to do what I have done and you my dear Adam are the key.”

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