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I have enjoyed staying in Helen’s mind most of the time as she comes to realizations of conclusions that have been hidden in plain sight. She is so happy! Flooded as she is with the oxytocin of love, all the love making and doubling it up with the excitement of arriving at the culmination of her endeavors all wrapped in the same package. The hormonally released drugs in her brain are a heady mixture. (Excuse the pun, I just couldn’t help myself). I do wish that I could see what is going on with Adam. Also, where is my dear Jason? Will ever show up.

As I mill around in the thoughts of Helen, it is clear that this will a be a momentous occasion and one that it seems most probable that Jason has been orchestrating in his unique way. Why would he go through all the trouble to make sure that Adam follow an exact path throughout history that leads him to this exact point and not show up for the party? Has he lost interest? Is his job here complete and he has moved on entirely? Oh, Jason, dear Jason, won’t you please come and sit with me to watch the show you have directed?

There is nothing I can do but continue to watch along. Jason will either show up or he won’t. I am now like all of you with nothing to do but stare at the phone and hope it rings.

Helen has just gotten back in the car after a quick stop at a “pharmacy”, to procure the required fungi for the next experiment. Adam of course offered to have his guy get it delivered but Helen insisted as she had taken these before and could vouch for them. Adam wanted to go back to his place but Helen wanted to remain closer to the lab so they retired back to the hotel to prepare for the evening. Helen was hungry but Adam was not allowed to eat.

“The emptier you are the less likely that you will vomit and the more effective the drink,” Helen explained.

“I would hate for the rat to disrupt the experiment”. Adam chuckled

It did not take long for the Helen’s dinner and the hot water to arrive. Helen had already chopped and ground the mushrooms as much as possible when it did. While Adam took care of the necessary duties of signing the bill and tipping the man. Helen had already added the entire contents of the bag to the tea pot and set a timer on her phone and had wheeled the cart out to the balcony to eat as she waited for Adam to deal with he payment. She waited patiently not touching her food even though she was very hungry and Adam would not be eating with her. When Adam did join her he opened the bottle of mineral water and poured them each a glass before sitting down.

The funny thought of butterflies kept running through Helen’s mind as she waited. She was calming herself and not allowing the excitement she was feeling from these mental images of butterflies to effect her in any way. She noticed herself as she felt these feeling and had these thoughts. She observed her mind as it spoke to her listening portion while she stood back unfazed by her inner dialogue. It really is most impressive that she is able to do this, many try but so few are really able to achieve this level of detachment at will the way Helen has mastered. There are of course some notable exceptions many of whom have entire religions based upon them and their ideas of how to achieve this state of being. I have almost found it intrusive to my domain when I have observed those that are this proficient. It can feel as if they have become the observer but where does that leave me? Can we both be the observer? I comfort myself with the fact that they can only really observe themselves whereas I am.

When Helen stepped back into the drivers seat of her body and mind she uncovers the minestrone soup and began to eat.

“Enjoy”, Adam said as he watched her calmly spoon the wonderful smelling soup up to her lips. “When do I get my ‘dinner’? I’m have actually enjoyed my day of testing with you and I am sure that this will be my favorite of the day.”

“Have you ever taken psychedelics before?” She asked

“Most certainly but not in this body. You have to remember that I have lived many lives.


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