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Adam did indeed take the concoction that was prepared for him by Helen’s loving hands in the body that he was born into this time. I do wish I could explain it better than he was able to do, but given that I am still not allowed inside Adam, the best I can do is from the viewpoint of Helen as Adam explained it to her. It might not make as much sense as we would like but it is all that can be explained within the confines of current language. (Please feel free to ask questions at the end if you need clarification. I am not sure that I will be able to answer but, I am interested in what you might have to say).

Adam drank the tea as Helen finished eating. She then directed him to the yoga mat on the balcony and started him on his journey with a series of breathing exercises to relax his mind.

Some time later as Helen continued to count out his breath Adam opened his eyes.

“Why am I all alone?” he said.

“I am here.” Helen replied as she took his hand.

“Not that!” Adam screamed. “I know you are here now, there. Why am I alone in here!”

“It’s okay Adam, it’s Helen and I love you.” she said.

Adam looked over to Helen and had nothing but love in his eyes for her. “I love you”. He said matter of factly. “I always have, you would know that if you had been paying attention.”

“How should I have paid attention?” Helen asked.

“I don’t know, isn’t it obvious? It’s so obvious!” Adam screamed as he bolted upright from the mat.

“The lives I have lived and all that I have done! The ones that are always with me have you in them. I have only ever been in love with you! I have made love to many women in my many lives b ut I have only ever loved you. Don’t you see?” Adam almost screamed at Helen.

Helen soothed him and gave him some water helping him to calm down and lay back on the mat.

I noticed that Helen was not concerned by this outburst. Helen was thinking only of Lorentz. Her mind was leading her to the the story of…

“You are the butterfly! I had to touch you. I have always loved you and I had to touch you. I changed the world every time I did and I did not care. The only thing that mattered was you. I have searched for you throughout time. I have known you in every face I have ever loved. I have felt you in every desire I have ever had! Helen you are the part of me I am missing! I have finally found myself in you.”

She sat calmly soothing Adam, looking into his eyes with perfect love that was full of understanding.

Helen, you see, had an understanding of not only Lorentz and Chaos theory, but also of Nicolo Tesla and his crazy theory of 369 or what is more commonly known now as Vortex Math. Helen had always kept this hidden suspicion that Tesla and his theory of 369 was correct. It was the proof of this, that Adam was speaking of when placed together with the previous test, that allowed her to see the 3-6-9 pattern in his brain waves that gave her the conclusion that she had so long believed to be correct.

It was at that moment of Helen’s realization that Jason appeared. He walked in looked directly at me and smiled. It was all I could do to keep from screaming, though as I have no physical form I doubt it would make a difference, still, I was shocked that Jason finally recognized me! Can you imagine, the object of your entire eternity finally smiles at you? Just think how I feel, just for a moment.

A moment is all I got.


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