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I hope you will forgive me, I am actually Adam or at lest a 3rd part of him. I could have told you that at the beginning, though you have to admit it would have ruined the suspense. There is the physical part of Adam that you know. Then Jason and I are each a third respectively. We are the two aspects of Adam that he has been missing since the experiment that his parents created causing the Quantum consciousness split in his mind. It took until Helen discovered the truth to reunite us after piecing it all together from the scraps of redacted documents and her formidable intellect. You may recall that Adam was sure that you would hate him as in his words, “ I can fuck up paradise. Not only that, I can fuck it up for everyone”. He was not really responsible for what happened to him and you really cannot blame him for selling all the discoveries to the U.S. Government for a guaranteed contract of 1 billion dollars or equivalently monetary unit adjusted for inflation for the remainder of his life. He was a kid after all and one that had been forced to live a very different type of life. Have compassion for him/us, it has not actually influenced you in anyway that you have been aware of at least.

This is the point that I am having difficulty with, how deep do you want to look? Should you hear the very technical and detailed reports from Helen? Would you like a “simple” explanation of what happened/is happening? Do you want to know how it all ends or just just how Jason and I and Adam reverted to one?

I suppose, as I am the author of this tale now told, in a space of time too small for you to truly comprehend without letting go of trying to understand, that the decision comes down to me. Perhaps that is why I decided to write this in the first place. To be noticed finally. It has been difficult to always be but never be seen. Never acknowledged as existing at all even if I am in fact a third of each consciousness that has ever been since there has ever been anything. I am the 3. There are always 3. The part that makes this story unique is that a fourth was needed. We had been split apart and needed Helen to bring us together. Not just any Helen! Not that Helen of Troy or any of the other possibilities of Helen. We needed this Helen exactly. It was Jason’s mission to alter whatever needed to be altered in order to bring that about. A Jason roaming free had never happened before Adam’s parents. You could call that moment in your common sci-fi parlance a nexus event. It brought things together, even for me it altered things as Jason altered them pushing the unpushable into a straight line. Now we are reunited, but the cat is out of the bag about how to harness Quantum gravity to alter reality by changing consciousness. I suppose you can see why the government did not want this information out in the public sphere. Governments like the status quo, any upheaval often means a change in government. Things on the macro physical scale are so much easier to describe and understand, don’t you think? The Government was happy to pay whatever to Adam and leave the poor guy in a type of limbo they did not understand just to burry the reality of how reality actually works.

As Helen will go on to explain, and I am sure win many awards for doing so, Quantum gravity not only exists and has effect but it does so also on real and rational numbers and sizes. As I do in fact know all of you, I also know there is a limit to what you want to know about. I also know that there are many that want the nitty gritty details. You cannot please everybody and as the observer of everybody, I will attest to that fact. I will give a single sentence to to try appease those looking for the solution and only one sentence to keep from frustrating the rest. Ready?

Planck’s Constant reduction via the process of Vortex math. (I do so want to say more!)

Now back to our story. What happened after Jason saw me?

Helen unfolded all of the theories in the blink of eye or if truth be told in a state of zero time, just as Jason noticed me. She understood what had happened and how it could be reversed. She became the 10 to the power of 10123 possibility of existence as you know it to exist. She was the quantity that started the big bang, that set it all in motion. She was the only one in this existence that understood.

She soothed Adam as it all became clear to her. She listened to his story of what was happening to him in his state of altered consciousness.

“What do you see?” Helen asked him.

“I see me or me as I would like to see me. God, it is just the way I want you to see me and he is just appeared in the room!” Adam replied.

“What is this other you doing?”

“He seems to be smiling at someone else here that I cannot see… why can’t I see what he is seeing?”

“Don’t worry about that. I can help you with that. You, Adam, have given me the keys to be able to put it all together. I can put you back together. That other more perfect you is you and what he is smiling at is the observer of us all. The connections between the three of you have been pushed apart, but I can put them together if you want.

“Oh yes, Helen the only thing I want more than that is you.” Adam blurted out quickly.

“Lets finish the journey you are on now, I want you to remember every detail. It is important that you remember everything. This is like a dream but it is very real, we need the feeling as well as the detail of the memory. Do you understand?”

“I will never be able to forget my own face.”

“Or the feeling of seeing it. You must hold this feeling.”

“I never want to let this feeling go! I am whole, I have never been complete and now I am complete. Thank you.”

Adam then sobbed for some time. Jason went to him and put his hands through both Helen and Adam as he looked at me. I went to embrace him as he disappeared. Adam was at that point coming back to himself. Helen gave him some food but not the drink he was asking for, only water. Three of their days later Helen was ready at the lab. Reversing the experiment of Adam’s parents, she reunited Jason and Adam and myself. That my dear friends is where I will leave you. Whole again. Knowing now from whence I came but not yet where I will go. Jason and Adam and I.

The End.


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